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Global analysis of Ukraine’s basic macroeconomic indicators (2013-2017)

How the Ukrainian economy has reached its bottom and how to bring it out of the present state: instructions from "Public Audit" As for the implementation of international experience, it is quite difficult to find countries that would have the same geographical and demographic scope. At the same time, it should be taken into account that, in addition to the shift of power, within the ... >>

Government budget–2018. What the Rada has voted for?

On December 9 in the evening the Verkhovna Rada supported the Government Budget of Ukraine for 2018 in the second reading and as a whole. 273 MPs voted for its draft. The revenue of the government budget was approved at the rate of 913 billion UAH (in the first reading – 877 bln. UAH), which by 18.4 % exceeds the revenue expected in the budget for ... >>

The price of living: the truth

In the spring 2015, NGO “Public Audit” conducted a large-scale study of the validity of the prices for housing and utility services and proved that the gas price set by the government is almost twice as higher. This issue was explosive and painful for the Ukrainians, but the government did not want to enter into a dialogue with experts and concerned individuals, as well ... >>

Global analysis of the basic macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine (2013–2016)

The purpose of this study is analysis and summarizing of basic macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine during 2013–2016. Long-term governance of the country by representatives of Ukrainian post-revolutionary political elite allows to determine main fundamental errors, in particular, to establish cause and effect relationship within current economical and social situation. Relevant study should result in development of methods of rectification of respective consequences and provision ... >>

Possible ways of usurpation of power in Ukraine

As it is known, Ukraine is a parliamentary-presidential republic by the form of government. Due to the balanced system of checks and balances, such structure of state governance should not only prevent political conflicts, but also eliminate the threat of usurpation of power. Reasonable balance of powers between the different branches of Government in Ukraine is ensured by the Constitution of Ukraine. That is, ... >>